Bleu Rivière




The Design

The main goal while designing this brand is to achive elegance in simplicity.

Harmony and comformity in every line.

Overall a perfect representation of our motto and mindset.

Not only will we constantly keep up with the paste of modern time but we will also always try to embody and face current humanitarian issues in our new product designs.

These are consequently the reasons for Bleu Rivière's exclusivity.


Designed and managed by the Minkov Group, our products ar not only unique pieces of design but also a statement about our current society. By including symbols for different nationalities and cultures in our design, we try to portray a possible human coexistance in harmony and beauty and not anger hate and racism. #cureTRUMP

A Minkov Company.


Lukas Minkov E.u.
+43 676 7255321